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Solid Visual Content Finder

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The Visual Content Finder App makes editing Business Catalyst websites easy by placing edit buttons alongside the content during the normal website browsing experience.

Solid Meta Tags

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Improve your meta tags across your BC site quicker and easier. This app will scan pages, web apps, blog posts, products, and catalogs and show you the relevant SEO data associated.

Solid Company Settings

Company Settings Thumbnail

Admin users can easily update their company information and have those changes instantly reflected on the website. You can output the standard tags or the tags with rich snippet markup (

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Email Received! We appreciate your patience while we handle your request.

We Couldn't Be SOLID without Business Catalyst! Due to Adobe's Announcement, Solid Sky will not be releasing any new apps and will be discontinuing support for all existing apps.

We will leave our apps in the BC App Store so the community can continue to use the apps for existing websites or to help migrate websites away from Adobe Business Catalyst.